Marine Project Solutions

Your Valuable Partner

MARINE PROJECT SOLUTIONS focuses both on the Exteriors and the Interiors marine segments thanks to the technical expertise of the Permasteelisa Group in the Interiors and Turnkey businesses, and of Metalsigma Tunesi decennial presence in the marine sector.

MARINE PROJECT SOLUTIONS operates in the Newbuilding as well as in the Refit segments, providing full turnkey services worldwide thanks to its global network. Our organizational skills, expert designers, experienced project managers and installation crews, allow us to guarantee fast execution while maintaining the highest quality standards, fulfilling the essence of every project by delivering good quality with precise timing and cost effectiveness.

MARINE PROJECT SOLUTIONS offers turnkey services, including installation with the most experienced, fully marine-trained crews, that have worked in the world’s leading shipyards on both Newbuilding and Refit projects.

Our services include:

• On board inspection and materials scheduling

• On board maintenance by specialized technicians

• Consulting and contracting services for ships’ conversion and renovation

• Project design and calculation

• Energy saving methods

• Newbuilding and Refit consultancy

• Post sales services





Marine Project Solutions S.c. a r.l.

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